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8th Graders at Cherokee Middle School created a large scale artwork currently on display in the Commons area of the Middle School. These 8th Graders learned about American Conceptual artist Jenny Holzer with her truisms displayed all over the world and American Contemporary artist Keith Haring with his large murals of human figures. Students chose to capture the bold lines and vivid colors of Haring's work coupled with the power of words of Holzer's work into a large 7 1/2 foot tall artwork that resembles a smiley face. The main theme shown in the eyes and smile is "Be Nice". Each student in the class painted a word that they felt spoke about the topic of being nice. Students worked independently to create their words and assembled the individual pieces into a large group artwork. It was a great individual and team building exercise. 

"I was very proud of the students as they chose an important message to convey through the use of their artwork. A positive reminder that there are many ways to be nice to each other!"


  • Parents, please make sure you are dropping off your child at the southwest door, NOT the east door. The east door is meant only for bus drop-off and pickup.