Series 700

Purpose of Non-Instructional and Business Services
Depository of Funds
Transfer of Funds
Governmental Accounting Practices and Regulations
Budget Planning
Spending Plan
Local - State - Federal - Miscellaneous Revenue
Sale of Bonds Investments
Post-issuance Compliance Regulation for Tax-Exempt Obligations
Gifts - Grants - Bequests
Student Activities Fund
Purchasing - Bidding
Purchasing on Behalf of Employees
Payment for Goods and Services
Payroll Periods
Payroll Deductions
Pay Deduction
Pay Deduction Regulation
Secretary's Reports
Treasurer's Annual Report
Publication of Financial Reports
Care, Maintenance, and Disposal of District Records
Insurance Program
School Food Program
Free or Reduced Cost Meals Eligibility
Vending Machines
Student School Transportation Eligibility
Student Conduct on School Transportation
Student Conduct on School Transportation
Student Transportation For Extracurricular Activities
Summer School Transportation Service
Transportation of Nonresident and Nonpublic School Students
Transportation of Non-School Groups
School Bus Safety Instructions
District Vehicle Idling