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Christy Alquist English 9, Writing III Publications
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Charity Anderson Anatomy, Biology Physiology Lesson Plans

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Korrie Coombs Alternative High School HS Resource
Kathy Bork Art Fundamentals Drawing, Pottery Individual Studio, Adv. Art Lesson Plans

Lisa Breyfogle 7-12 Family and Consumer Science Lesson Plans Website
Kathy Curtis Informal/Geometry Pre-Algebra, Calculus Prob. & Statistics Lesson Plans
James DeVos AP Biology Chemistry, Adv. Chemistry Physics Lesson Plans
Jaylene DeVos English, British Lit., Films as Literature, Oral Interp./Acting, World Literature Lesson Plans
Beth Ebert Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV TAG Coordinator Lesson Plans
Rebecca Elemond 7-12 Vocal Music, Concert Choir Jazz Choir Lesson Plans
Patricia Engelke Modern American History Current Events, Global Insights Late 20th Century American History Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology Lesson Plans
Amy Fowler Algebra, Algebra A, Math IV Consumer Math Lesson Plans
Alana Fuller 9-12 Multicategorical Resource Lesson Plans
Jolleen Heater WHS Counselor Counselor's Website
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Nate Leidahl Ind. Arts: Woods, Metals, Drafting
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Tim Stoneking Acct. I & II, MS Word, Adv. Word, Business Law, Excel, PowerPoint, Work Based Learning, Entrepreneurial, Intro. to Business, Keyboard Applications Lesson Plans
Kendra Timmerman Algebra I, B, II 7th & 8th Math Lesson Plans
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