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Kimberly Lingenfelter,


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Superintendent of Schools

Greetings Cherokee Community School District!
WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL 2019-2020! I love school and as your superintendent I not only want
to welcome you back to school, I also want to assure you that I am committed to the district mission
and board approved goals!
The three board approved goals of the Cherokee CSD summarized are:
1) Technology 2) Iowa Core 3) Communication
Cherokee CSD is now 1:1 devices for students in grades TK and 2-12! With the assistance of your
Education Foundation, the Kindergarten will receive ipad minis to complete 1:1 devices at that grade
level – exciting growth! We are also enthusiastic about the board’s approval of phone, camera, and
security/door access systems. The technology team has been diligent this summer installing cabling
for this much needed update. With the integration of additional technology and connectivity, we are
excited about academic gains for all students!
Iowa Core
Science curriculum materials were board approved in May with teams revisiting and realigning
standards to prepare for this investment. Curriculum is constantly updated - every decision requires
team reflection as to how it may impact student achievement. This spring students and staff were
exposed to a new assessment tool, the ISASP (Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress).
The most critical component for optimal student performance in school is to send your child to school
every day ready to learn! The right amount of sleep and a nutritious breakfast (at home or at school)
will help boost your child’s attention span, concentration, and memory.
As most of you are aware, a bond referendum in September 2018 passed with 77% voter approval.
Thank you stakeholders! As of July, the PK-4 addition to the middle school and high school locker
room renovation projects were on schedule. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to
contact me or a staff member.
Building principals, staff, and secretaries continually review and update your district’s website to
improve communication: www.ccsd.k12.ia.us. Please visit the website and follow us on Facebook!
“With community involvement, we will empower learners to become contributing members of our
changing world”. This is the mission of your school and your school is your community. Thank you for
joining this mission, for making a positive difference for students, and being our partners in education!
Kimberly Lingenfelter
Superintendent of Cherokee Community School District



Phone: 712-225-6767 Email: klingenfelter@ccsd.k12.ia.us