We  take very seriously the great responsibility of  keeping  your  child safe while attending school.  As  violent  incidents  continue  to  increase  across  the country  including  violent incidents in schoolswe felt it was necessary to reassess the district's emergency operation plans relating to violent intruders. 

We will be providing intruder training for our students in the near future. Feel free to contact the district  with any questions  or  concerns about  any  emergency operation plans.  If  you wish  to  opt  out  of  this  training  for  your child  or  attend  this training  with  your  child, please notify his/her principal and your wishes will be honored.  For more information, click

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Students  in  Mrs.  De Vos's Films as Literature class are done  with  their  final movie projects.  These previews are a peak at the great work they did  on  their digital short  film projects.  Each  preview  was made  using  iMovie. The stu- dents had  creative  freedom on the movie's storyline and filming. To view more final projects, click here.

Old Yearbooks on Sale, contact Christy Alquist to see if they have the year you are missing. 225-6755

Equal Opportunity at Cherokee Community Schools
The Cherokee Community School District does not discriminate on  the basis of  race, color, national  origin,  creed,  socio-economic  status,  religion,  sex,  marital  status,  age,  sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability in educational programs or employment. If you have questions or concerns about any policy or procedure of the district please contact:
Kimberly Lingenfelter, Equity Coordinator
600 W. Bluff Street, Cherokee, IA 51012